Mozzarella is a fresh cheese with a delicate and slightly sweet taste and a strong milk flavor.


It is a cheese of old tradition, indispensable for the Italian cuisine, perfect to be used as the main ingredient for PIZZA.



Ciliegine is a version of Mozzarella shaped in small spheres of 12.5 grams. It has a spongy texture and it absorbs the flavors very well.

The natural size of the spheres makes them a delight served as a whole. They’re perfect for ANTIPASTO dishes, for SALADS, for PASTA, and for PIZZA as a topping.


Bocconcino is a version of Mozzarella shaped in spheres of 100 grams. It can be sliced easily, and it is used in the Italian cuisine in preparing the famous CAPRESE.


Mascarpone is a cheese made from coagulated sour cream, it is slightly spreadable, especially used in the preparation of pastry products. It is the main ingredient for TIRAMISU.